Asia Business Conference (ASBUCO) 2017

[25 May. 2017 | Prague] On Foreign Trade, Investments & Research

Governance Institute

The event is organized under the patronage of Mr. Jaroslav Klaška, a Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic, and CzechInvest.

25th May 2017

Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Malostranské náměstí 7/19, Praha 1, Room no. 48 („Konírna“)


anticipated number of attendees is 100 persons (cumulatively) including:

  • attendees of state institutions involved in business cooperation with Asian countries,
  • bank institutions with long experience in bank environment in target territories,
  • press representatives,
  • companies from target countries settled in Czech Republic,
  • Czech companies already involved in or considering doing business with target territories.

Conference Aims
Asia Business Conference (ASBUCO) 2017 is an annual conference on entrepreneurship and business cooperation with Asian territories. It is a meeting of the community of investors, businesspersons and political subjects involved in cooperation with the target countries. The aim of the conference is to support business cooperation between Czech institutions and their foreign counterparts from the target region. This objective will be achieved by creating a platform for discussions and meetings of experts from both state and private sphere. The topic of the conference is ‘Asia in Czech Business: Where Are We Heading?’.

The conference will consist of three main parts – the first one focusing on foreign trade, the second one on investments and the third one on research and development. The key speakers from state institutions as well as private sphere will hold speeches on the current situation of export, investments, research, environmental protection, and political cooperation between the Asian region and the Czech Republic and outline its future perspectives. Each session shall include the coverage of the current challenges and vision of further steps that shall be taken to move the business cooperation to the next level.

Contact Persons
Tomáš Pala, Director, Governance Institute,, +420 739 304 628
Michaela Očková, Deputy Director, Governance Institute,, +420 601 305 889

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